SOC Branding Project

As a part of a class project, I created a hypothetical sock brand that sets the brand mission: Start the day a bit happier. The objective of this brand is to turn the idea of socks as consumable goods into a special piece to enhance the quality of a day. Emphasize the importance of socks and provide a new concept of buying socks. 

The brand marks consist of rounded shapes and lines which stand for comfort and relaxation. Those shapes and lines are consistently used in both primary and secondary marks to build a strong relationship and flexibility, which makes it possible to use those marks together or separately or repeatedly.

Primary Mark

The vertically stack up brand name (SOC) communicates the shape of socks' stem and the motion of wearing a soc. The colon after the character C creates a smiley face which how this brand want their customers to feel when they wear SOC’s socks. By having enough amount of space between each of the characters, it is recognizable and readable in any size. The shapes of the characters are customized to match with the secondary mark and the overall aesthetic.

Secondary Mark

The secondary mark is a simple line illustration of a sock. It is clean, genderless, and universal. I got inspired by the concept of knitting thread.

Gift Box

 Product Label

Business Card

Shopping Bag Side 1

Shopping Bag Side 2