NW Rett Syndrome Association

NW Rett Syndrome Association Rebranding  

NW Rett Syndrome Association is a parent-led organization that supports families across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Canada, Alaska, and Northern California. Their missions and impacts on those families are to support, commune, and share.

For this rebranding project, I suggested this big idea, "Extended Family". It is a community that families, donators, and board members can support emotionally and care for each other as a family. Just knowing that you are not alone, helps a lot. And I believe that it is one of the biggest reasons why NW Rett Syndrome Asociation is needed. NW Rett Syndrome Association can be a second home where families who are struggling the same syndrome can feel secure and rely on it. An extended family where board members care about those community members not just as a board member, but as a part of a family. Moreover, an extended family where struggling individuals are protected and be able to let down their guards.


The logo design was inspired by a flower; petals support each other and create a flower shape as one. I applied the idea to this logo in order to depict how board members, community members, and also potential supporters (donators) can interact and support as an extended family in NW Rett Syndrome Association. Each of the petals is paired with the dots above, which represent those three essential components. This primary mark is projecting a supportive, welcoming, and warm yet professional atmosphere. 


I chose a bit toned down pink-ish purple as the main color for this branding project. Purple is the awareness color of Rett syndrome, and it communicates the best what the purpose and an objective of this association are. For supportive colors, I used yellow and green. The color of yellow represents the energy and passion they have. The green speaks for calm, relax, and supports that they provide.

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